I define Sound composition the music that uses sound as the main form bearing element. It controls and develops to a great extent the morphoplastic attributes of the sound objects used. An Ecriture du Son which is based on sound-to-sound structures, on transformation strategies from one to another as well as on functional classification sound models. The significance of the diatonic interval, harmony and melody ceases to exist.

Holophony signifies my intention to determine a rather general aesthetical frame for my work. Each independent sound (phonos), contributes equally into the synthesis of the total (holos). Thus, Holophonic musical texture is best perceived as the synthesis of simultaneous sound streams into a coherent whole with internal components and focal points.

The dynamic and timbral interpretation goes beyond the “traditional” way of playing. Virtuosity is expressed through delicate sound manipulations I shall call it a Virtuosite du Son where the interpreter has the dsuty to make sounds and not to play sounds. Emphasis should be given on the precise production of the variable sound possibilities and the right distinction of one to another in order to be able to convey the musical ideas and structure of the piece.