2010 - 11  

Fifteen Webcasts of Construct Synthesis and Anechoic Pulse @ Web Radio Studio One show of Musiques & Recherches (host: Annette Vande Gorne). Brussels / Belgium


Cardew 2011 New Sound and Visual Art Works the engine room (09-11/12) Breakwater (av) The Engine Room' exhibition @Morley College Curator Camilo Salazar. London / England. [call for]


Radio Arts Space - international sound art and radio art exhibition Anechoic Pulse broadcast @ radioCona FM 88.8 MHz Curator / Theme: Ilari Valbonesi / Ultra Disco. Ljubljana / Slovenia. [call for]


Musica Contemporanea - National Portuguese Radio RTP Morphallaxis @ National Portuguese Radio RTP hosted by Pedro Coelho Performance ISCM2010 by Ensemble Offspring. Lisbon / Portugal


#ART SCIENCE TECHNOLOGIE Magic @ Phelma Hall. Grenoble / France


Electroacoustic Music Days Magic. @ Technological University of Crete MTA Amphitheatre. Rethimnon, Crete / Greece


Sonic Screens 2011 Electroacoustic music concert Anechoic Pulse @ O’ performance space Sound direction: Matteo Milani, Max/MSP: Federico Placidi, Visuals: Franz Rosati. Milan / Italy. [call for]


XVIII Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica Punto de Encuentro Breakwater (a/v) @ Club Diario Levante. organised by the  AMEE. Valencia / Spain. [call for]


Deutschlandfunk Broadcast dradioBreakwater. @ Nachtkonzert vom DLF Deutschlandfunk Radio.at 04:00 Piano Minas Bourboudakis Germany


MTI research center concert series 2011-2012 Magic @ De Montfort University, Music, Technology and Innovation research center, PACE Studio 1. Curator Katerina Tzedaki. Leicester / UK


ORT Concert Series Magic. @ Noel Werthein Auditorium of the Institute of Technology ORT. Curator by Elsa Justel. Buenos Aires city - Argentine


Livewire 2: On Fire Festival and Symposium (27-29/10/11) Electronics Express Tones of Hestitation. @ University of Maryland, UMBC Department of Music Recital Hall. Curated by Anna Rubin. Maryland, Baltimore / USA. [call for]


Computer Space  Forum (27-27/10) Construct Synthesis @ Central Military Club. Sofia / Bulgaria


Dromoi-zois Foundation concerts Breakwater. @ Parnassos Concert Hall Piano. Lorenta Ramou. Athens / Greece


Electrain De Nuits Broadcast Radio France – Magic. Par Christian ZANESI et David JISSE. Paris / France


Ai-Maako Festival Portrait Concert at (14 -18/10) Slida, Breakwater, Anechoic Pulse, Response, Construct Synthesis, Magic Santiago / Chile.


EMUFest - 4th International Festival of Electroacoustic Music (9-16/10/2011) Soundboarding @ Sala Accademica Conservatotio S. Cecilia. Slide Whislte Tullio Visioli, Guitar Arturo Tallini, Electronics Gustavo Delgado. Rome/ Italy. [call for]


Sligo XX - Beethoven 96.5FM radio Anechoic Pulse Especial Festival Ai-Maako 2011 – Obras de compositores extranjeros, Title Sligo XX Presenter José Oplustil. Santiago / Chile.


WFAE International Conference for Acoustic Ecology City Fables-Corfu. Ionian Academy. Corfu / Greece. [premiere]


People Inside Electronics and Eclipse Quartet Shatter Cone violin Sarah Thornblade. MiMoDa Studio. Los Angeles, CA / USA. [call for]


3rd Pharos International Contemporary Music Festival Susurrus The Shoe Factory. ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Antoine Maisonhaute / violin, Jean-Paul Dessy / cello, André Ristic / piano. Nicosia / Cyprus. [premiere]


2nd Annual International Meeting of Music and Sound Arts (EIMAS 13-16/9/2011) Construct Synthesis. Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes (MAMM), Theatro Central. Bairro São Pedro, Juiz de For / Brazil. [call for]


Para Thin Alos Festival Liquid Sound. dance (Linda) , violin (Theodore Patsalidis), viola, cello. Kalamaria, Thessaloniki / Greece. [premiere]


Música Viva festival - Soundwalk (9-14/9) Rotations. Belém Art Centre. Lisbon / Portugal. [call for]


13th Brazilian Computer Music Symposium (31/8-3/9) Construct Synthesis. Vitória/Brazil. [call for]


Music Village event 2011 (second period 25-31/8) Unfairy Tales Chatzini Square. dissonArt ensemble. stage direction by Alexandros Efkleidis. Agios Lavrentios, Mount Pelion / Greece. [premiere]


Hypersonica FILE 2011 - Electronic Language International Festival  (18/7-21/8) Magic. SESI' Cultural Centre. Sao Paulo / Brazil. [call for]


Acoustic Frontiers show broadcast Construct Synthesis ckcu FM. hosted by Ralph Hopper. Canada.

      1-30/8/ 11  

BYTE Gallery International Exhibition. Construct Synthesis. Transylvania University. Lexington, Kentucky / USA. [call for]


Spitalfields Music Festival - Nonclassical series Slide. Bishops Square. guitarist Tom McKinney. London / England.

     23/05/2011  Navi Museum Concert Series Breakwater (mix). Paris Navi Museum. Piano Lorenta Ramou. Paris / France.        
     18/05/2011  tsonami - Buenos Aires 2011 (12-18 may) T-totum. Centro Cultura Recoleta. Guitar Manuel Niño Sicard. Buenos Aires / Argentina. [call for]      
     14/05/2011  tsonami - Buenos Aires 2011 (12-18 may) Slide. Centro Cultura Recoleta. Buenos Aires / Argenitna. [call for]      
      13-21/5/11   Musica Electronica Nova festival Day End. Showcased. Wroclaw / Poland        
     04/05/2011  Athens Megaron Conert Series Crama. Atgens Megaron Mitropoulos Hall. Ergon Ensemble, cond. Frank Ollu. Athens / Greece        
      29/04/2011   Musiq'3 Belgian public service classical music radio station Slide showcased Around Babel - Le classique est partout n°169. produced by Jean-Luc Plouvier. Brussels / Belgium        
     05/03/2011  Annual CSUF New Music Festival (2-6 mar) Construct Synthesis. Cal State Fullerton. Fulletron, Callifornia / USA. [call for]      
     04/03/2011  Hear This Space. Construct Synthesis. Fabrica. Diffusion: Panos Amelidis. Leicester / England. [call for]      
     03/03/2011  Broadcast BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert Jet. New Tunes on Old Fiddles, 1.00-2.00pm BBC RADIO 3. Presenter (Penny Gore), Producer (LesPratt). Leeds / England        
     24/02/2011  Avant-garde - Greek Composers' Union (GCU) concert series 2010-2011 Whispers. Athens Goethe Institute Hall. Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music (conuctor Iakovos Konitopoulos), artistic director Theodor Antoniou. Athens / Greece        
      23/02/2011   Spanish public service radio RNE Magic. Radio Clásica - Taller de arte presented by Rosa Pérez. Madrid / Spain        
     13/02/2011  Lutoslawski Forum. Shatter Cone. National Philharmony Hall. Violin Anna Zielinska. Warszawa / Poland        
    16/01/2011  Classical Guitar Weekend Series at Bridgewater Hall. Slide. Bridgewater Hall. Guitar Tom McKinney. Manchester / England.