ScoreFollower Featured Composer (2016)
Panayiotis Kokoras in conversation with ScoreFollower

Flute Consortium Composer Spotlight (2016)
Q&A with Panayiotis
The Flute New Music Consortium is an organization dedicated to the creation and support of new music for the flute

The 21st-Century Voice (2015)
Contribution score examble from Hiss and Whistle, p.70-73
Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice by Michael Edward Edgerton. Publisher by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; 2 edition (April 16, 2015) Language: English. ISBN-10: 0810888408 ISBN-13: 978-0810888401

10 Views on Today’s Music/ 10 Olhares Sobre a Musica de Hoje (2015)
Contribution article A functional classification of one instrument’s timbre. Edited by Daniel Quaranta & Alexandre Sperandéo Fenerich. Published by Editions GARCIA. ISBN: 978-85-65490-50-2

The book is a collection of 10 articles from the nearly 50 papers submitted in EIMAS 2010 to 2013. We tried to select from this body the most representative among the topics covering the main areas of academic thinking on current artistic practices involving sound and music, which were addressed in the four years of the Meeting.

ICMC 2014 – International Computer Music Conference
Panayiotis Kokoras (2014) Sense: an electroacoustic composition for surround sound and tactile transducers.In Proceedings of the ICMC2014 – International Computer Music Conference. Athens/ Greece

ICMC 2014 – International Computer Music Conference
Panayiotis Kokoras (2014) Auditory fusion and holophonic musical texture in Xenakis’ pithoprakta. ICMC2014 – International Computer Music Conference. Athens/ Greece

May 21, 2014
Interview in Musicakaleidoscope
Musica Kaleidoskopea a kaleidoscopic view of music
Composer Profile: Panayiotis Kokoras edited by David Leone

24 Feb 2012
From electroacoustic to live music Interview by Stephane Ginsburgh for The Centre Henri Pousseur – Musique électronique / Musique mixte in Liege / Brussels.

February 14, 2011

Ben Tibbetts interview with composers (2011)

Interview with Panayiotis Kokoras

P. Kokoras (2011)  A functional classification of one instrument’s timbre. In Proceedings of the EIMAS – Revista do Encontro Internacional de Música e Arte Sonora (Vol. 2, n. 1, 2011). Juiz de Fora / Brazil

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2011) WFAE 2011 International Conference for Acoustic Ecology (3-7/10) Audio browsing strategies for soundscape real-time composition. Corfu/ Greece.

ISEA 2011

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2011) Performer vs Electronics: performing music for instrument and electronics.In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) (14-21/9) Istanbul / Turkey.

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2010) Performance Festival: biennale: 2 (24-30/5) Gregoris Semitekolo, The Performer. Edition: State Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki.

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Tisano, Theresa SAUER (2008). Notations21. New York: Mark Batty Publisher. 
Musicologist Theresa Sauer’s excellent “sequel” to John Cage’s Notations graphic score project, Notations 21. Contribution with the first page of Paranormal for three amplified snare drums.

CIM 2008
Panayiotis KOKORAS, Olivier PASQUET (2008) Sound Scale: perspectives on the contribution of flute’s sound classification to musical structureIn Proceedings of the Conference of Intersciplinary Musicology(CIM)Thessaloniki / Greece.

Interview by Nicolas Tzortzis appeared in bimonthly Magazine Highlights for the arts and culture on July-August Issue 2008. Greece.

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Interview by Lena Euaggelou appeared in NEA Weekend newspaper on 20 September 2008

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Interview by Gerogia Georgakarakou appeared in NEA nationwide newspaper magazine Taxydromos on 16 August 2008.

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Panayiotis KOKORAS (2007) Journal of Music and Meaning (JMM) Towards a Holophonic Musical Texture. JMM 4, Winter 2007, section 5. University of Southern Denmark.

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2006) 4th International Conference of Cyprus Musicological Society (24 & 25/11). Sound proximity: a sound classification model in electroacoustic music. Nikosia / Cyprus.

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Panayiotis KOKORAS (2006) National Symposium on Music Theory and Analysis (29/9-1/10). Morphopoiesis: seeking form in electroacoustic music. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (205-211). Thessaloniki / Greece.

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ICMC 2006

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2006)  Morphopoiesis: An analytical Model for electroacoustic MusicIn Proceedings of theInternational Computer Music Conferencee(ICMC) (6-11/11).(ICMC) (6-11/11).Tulane University. New Orleans, USA.

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2005) Electronic Musicological Review  Vol. IX October 2005 – Morphopoiesis: A general procedure for structuring form. Federal University of Paraná.Brazil.

ICMC 2005

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2005) Towards a Holophonic Musical TextureIn Proceedings of the ICMC2005 International Computer Music Conference. Barcelona / Spain

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2005) Morphopoiesis: a general procedure for structuring form In Proceedings of the 5th International Music Theory Conference. Vilnius / Lithuania

Panayiotis KOKORAS (2005) Working with audio and video on Linux, In Proceedings of the TEMU 2005 Telecommunications and Multimedia Conference. Heraklion / Crete.

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Interview by Aleko Papadopoulo in Audio Magazine, April 1997

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