for electroacoustic sounds  

The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States: Music from SEAMUS, vol. 29 | SEAMUS Records ‎| EAM2020 | CD, EP, Compilation, Stereo | USA


SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) releases its newest recording in an ongoing series featuring works by the organization’s member composers, under the curation of SEAMUS Director of Recordings, Scott L. Miller. EAM2020 contains works by Elainie Lillios, Alex Christie, Ioannis Andriotis, Elliott Lupp, Chris Lortie, Nicole L. Carroll, Panayiotis Kokoras, Per Bloland, Leah Reid, and Nathaniel Haering.

for electroacoustic sounds

An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2016 | Sub Rosa Label | SR471 2CD | SRV471 2LP | Brussels/ Belgium.


This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and aesthetic disparity. With a single exception, it zeroes in on post-80s music. It comprises works of very different kinds by composers of all sorts of backgrounds that, still, can be thought of, as both ‘Greeks’ and ‘Experimentalists’.

for flute, percussion, cello and electronics

Musiques Elèctriques
Various Artists | InSitu Records | 2019 | Bercelona/ Spain


Morphosis Ensemble: Jose Ignacio Lagos -flute, Ferran Carceller percusssion, Monica Mari cello. Also works by Hèctor Parra, Carlos de Castellarnau, Joan Bagés, Octavi Rumbau, Pablo Fredes.

Timeless Soundbox
hommage à Beatriz Ferreyra
for electroacoustic sounds

Six Guirlandes Acousmatiques
Various Artists | 
influx | Production Musiques and Recherches| 201| 2017 | Ohain/ Belgium


Collection of minture acousmatic works in hommage to Francois Bayle, Francis Dhomont, Beatriz Ferreyra, Christine Groult, Bernard Parmegiani, Annette Vande Gorne

for flute, percussion, cello and electronics

CIME/ICEM @ CEAMMC | 2017 | Moscow/ Russia|


Selection of program during ICEM festival (International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music) in Moscow (Sept. 25 – 28 2017) coordinated by CEAMMC at Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

for electroacoustic Sounds

Sn Electronic Minatures Various Artists | Label Janus Music & Sound | HRMN008 | Produced by Juan María Solare | 2017 | Argentina, Germany, UK


This digital distribution album consists of 52 electronic thumbnails (between 33 and 100 seconds). The album includes works of various electronic music genres such as experimental electronics, electroacoustic, acoustic or synthetic acousmatic sound, glitch, noise music, collage, sound landscape, concrete music, dark ambient. The name of the compiled, Sn, is the chemical symbol of the element Stannum, tin, which has the atomic number 50. Here is the complete list of composers: J. M. Solare, A. Franghiadi, A. Hyvärinen, D. Bohn, C. T. Chan, A. Terzaroli, J. Fligler, K. Pierson, B. DeGraw, M. Vito Avantaggiato, rd wraggett, F. Mastucci, D. Wang, G. Parente, P. Schuessler, Y. Menchaca, P.l Cowell, L. Carlos Martínez Wilde, J. Variego, J. Hasper, A. Cano Palomo, M. James Olson, J. Antonio Lleó, L. Miti, Luis Mihovilcevic, G. Biffarella, S. A. Pérez Velázquez , J. Franek, F. C. Zuke, D. Rojas, S. Megías, M. Beidenegl, O. Smith, P. Kokoras, D. R. Peoples, D.l A. Walzer, B. Siebert, R. A. Strobel, R. J. Heifetz, A. Silva Diez, N. Trier, N. Harizanos, L. Morleo, J. E. González Herrera, F. Stannum, M. E. Jacobs, G. Fiebig, E. Barganier, M. Varchione, D. Steffey, K. Siegel, Psychiceyeclix, J. M. Solare.

for electroacoustic Sounds

UNDÆ! Electroacoustic music Vol. II Various Artists | HRMN008B | 2016 | Madrid/ Spain


UNDÆ! Electroacoustic Music II is a selection of the call to works 2014-2016 of the UNDÆ! Radio of Radio Círculo and includes works by Christian Banasik, Marco Dibeltulu, Gilles Fresnais, Josh Goldman, Sandra Elizabeth González, Stefan Langfeld (Cerval), Panayiotis Kokoras, Pablo Martín Coble and Víctor Sequí, Benjamin O’Brien, Miquel Parera Jaques, Simón Pérez, Nichola Scrutton and Adam Stanović

for snaredrum and electronics

Seamus: Interactions
Various Artists | Seamus Records | 2016 | Torrance, CA/ USA


The SEAMUS Interactions series is a juried annual album release of works for instruments and electronics.

Tones of Hesitation
for electroacoustic sounds

54 Electroacoustic Miniatures | HELMCA Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association | 2014 | Corfu/ Greece.


54 Electroacoustic Miniatures is a compilation of sonic miniatures specifically submitted for this collective CD by Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association.

for electroacoustic sounds

Métamorphoses 2014, 8th Biennial Acousmatic Composition Competition | MR 2014 | 2015 | Belgium.


Composers: Lucas Felipe Alves de Oliveira, Maxime Barthélemy, Martin Bédard, Marie-Hélène Breault, Stijn Govaere, Panayiotis Kokoras, Roeland Luyten, Adrian Moore, Erik Nyström, Irene Pacini, Paul Ramage, Dimitrios Savva, Andreas Vorwerk

for soprano recorder and electronics

Premios del concurso Destellos 2008-2013 | CMMAS | CMMAS CD020 | 2014


Composers: Basilio Del Boca, Christian Helm, David Hindmarch, Daniel Judkovski, Panayiotis Kokoras, Diana Salazar, Adam Stanović

for electroacoustic sounds

Seamus Electro-Acoustic Miniatures 2014: Transients
Various Artists / Seamus Records | SEA003 |2014


The SEAMUS Electro-Acoustic Miniatures series is an annual album release of fixed-media works addressing a specific theme. The theme for 2014 is Transients. The 2014 adjudication committee chose a theme meant to inspire a rich diversity of interpretations and approaches.

Magic Piano
for electroacoustic sounds

SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures 2013: Negative Space | SEAMUS | SEA002 | Torrance, CA/ USA.


The SEAMUS Electro-Acoustic Miniatures series is an annual album release of fixed-media works addressing a specific theme. The theme for 2013 is Negative Space.

Digi Dragon
for electroacoustic sounds

Microtopies 2013: 64 miniatures sonores de música i geografia | Online compilation | 2013 | Gràcia Territori Sonor | Barcelona/ Spain


Microtopies is a compilation of sonic miniatures specifically created for an annual universal call for projects proposed by Gràcia Territori Sonor for a special edition of the Música i Geografia radio program.

Braided Fractures
for fl, cl, pno, vln, vla, vc

Live in Köln | Dissonance 010 | 2012 | Records. Performed by dissonArt Ensemble (conductor Beat Furrer)


Braided Fractures for amplified flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello has been release by Dissonance Records. The title of the CD is Live in Koln and the recording is from a live concert of DissonArt Ensemble at WDR 3 – Ensembl[:E]uropa Series, Cologne October 2008. 

Construct Synthesis
for electroacoustic sounds

ICMC 2012 | 2012 | International Computer Music Association | USA


Construct Synthesis for electroacoustic sounds released in September 2012 on the International Computer Music Association’s ICMC – International Computer Music Conference 2012 compact disc.

for soprano recorder and electronics

CD-R Musica Nova | 2011 |SEAH | Czech Republic 


Jet for amplified recorder and electronics released by Musica nova 2011 on CD-R. Praha / Czech Republic.

for electroacoustic sounds

Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2011 | International Compendium | DVD release | Ars Electronica | Austria


Magic for electroacoustic sounds has been released on DVD featuring the winning works of the 2011 Prix Ars Electronica, International Compendium – Prix Ars ElectronicaCyberArts 2011. Linz / Austria.

Construct Synthesis
for electroacoustic sounds

Métamorphoses 2010, 5th Biennial Acousmatic Composition Competition |MR 2010 | 2010. Belgium


Construct Synthesis selected for the final round by the pre-selection jury and as a result will be published on the “Métamorphoses 2010” CD.

for amplified flute, piano and cello

“PRESENT  PERFECT” vol.1 (Greek  contemporary  music) | CD 2010 | Dissonance Records | recorded by Trio IAMA | Thessaloniki/ Greece


Delirium for amplified flute, piano and cello recorded by Trio IAMA: Maria: Anisegkou (cello), Giannis Anisegkos (flute), Antonis Anisegkos (piano). The CD released on Dissonance Records under the title “PRESENT PERFECT” vol.1 (Greek contemporary music). It also includes works by Papageorgiou, Hadjileontiadi, Oikonomou, Mixailidi, Lapidaki, Anisegkos. It is prefaced by composer Bernhard Lang. Dissonance Records is a record label based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Bold Ridge Apex
for piano

Piano Music by Greek Composers II (piano Ermis Theodorakis) | Athens Music Society | 2009. Athens / Greece


Bold Ridge Apex for solo piano written for Greek pianist Ermis Theodorakis is included in his recent CD titled “Piano Music by Greek Composers II”. The CD is published by Athens Music Society on August 2009.

for classical guitar and electronics

Universos Sonoros Para Violao e Tape (guitar Daniel Murray) | Canto Disco | 2008. Sao Paolo / Brazil


The sound universes for guitar and tape… project brings together on CD works written by composers from different backgrounds and generations, aiming to offer an original panorama of the Brazilian and international electroacoustic music, promote the avant-garde repertoire for acoustic guitar and tape, as well as encourage new composers to write for this instrumentation.

Metasound (discontinued)

Works included: Holophony, Metasound, Slide, Paranormal, Sonic Vertigo, Shatter Cone, Crama, Soundboarding | 2008-2015


These tracks invite the listener to eschew from melody, intervals, harmony and rhythm. It includes works for amplified ensemble as well as for instrument(s) and electronics.

Anechoic Pulse (remix)
for electroacoustic sounds

This Is Not A Test (Net Label) | Treetrunk Records | treetrunk056 | 23/8/2008 | MidWestern USA


This very special release from Treetrunk documents and celebrates an event that happened August 11, 2008 at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois. The event was called “This Is Not A Test: The Chicago Sound Experience”, and was curated by Margaret Noble (www.margaretnoble.net ). “This Is Not A Test” was one of a series of Audio Picnics at the Pavilion, designed to provide visitors with free and enjoyable audio experiences. The event was quite successfull, drawing a large and attentive crowd. It lasted for 3 hours, from 6 to 9 PM.

for electroacoustic sounds

FrammentAzioni DVD Edition | TEM – Taukay Edizioni Musicali | V209_01 | 2008 | Udine / Italy


Lullaby for tape is included in a limited DVD edition by TEM – Taukay Edizioni Musicali. It consists of 61 micro compositions by 57 composers and respective choreographic movements.  The project made up of 61 compositions of 60 second in length chosen from 716 works submitted from 34 countries, to which the contemporary dance company Arearea has added the expression of movement.

for electroacoustic sounds

60 x 60, 2006-2007 | Vox Novus | VN-002 | Double CD | 2007 | USA


60×60 is a project containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, where each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration. The project presents a cross-section of contemporary music, including the various styles, aesthetics and techniques being used by the composers of today.

Anechoic Pulse
for electroacoustic sounds

Unsafe sonic ArtNoctilucent label in collaboration with the Safe label.| Poole / UK 


Compositions submitted to the UNSAFE2 festival, November 2006. Sonic Artists were invited so submit recorded pieces on the theme of UNSAFE: sound works that take risks – artistically, aesthetically, philosophically, sonically, even physically. Works that should carry a health warning, that ignore safety margins, that lie outside the comfort zone. Works that challenge the listener – but also the sound artist. Works that may be radical, unusual, subversive, awkward, exciting – but above all, interesting. This is the result.

Anechoic Pulse
for electroacoustic sounds

 Electroacoustic Music- Música Viva Competition 2004-06. Miso Records | mcd 016.07 | Lisbon / Portugal


Shatter Cone
for violin and electronics

Far and Wide Computer Music Journal Annual DVD | MIT Press | Vol. 31, Issue 4 Winter 2007| Boston, Massachusetts / USA


New computer music, videos of performance, and audio-video works. The DVD highlights current trends including music from emerging and underrepresented genres, cultures, and geographical locations beyond Europe and North America.

for electroacoustic sounds

Spectrum Press New Music – Spectrum Press MP3 Downloads, Copyright 2007 Spectrum Press | Catalogue #122, 2005 | Los Angles, California / USA. 


Anechoic Boom (remix)
for electroacoustic sounds

Bent it like Beckett -Sound works | CD885 2006 | Cork / Ireland


A compilation on the occasion of S. Beckett’s centenary. Those who are familiar with the work of Samuel Beckett will know of the importance of sound in his work. Beckett had a great understanding of sound and a profound knowledge of the practice of listening. To mark the occasion of the centenary of Beckett’s birth, Danny McCarthy has curated this cd of on hundred works by over eighty artists, from twenty countries. Curated by Danny McCarthy.

for electroacoustic sounds

 l.o.s.s.- Linux open source sound | Access Space 2006 | Sheffield / UK.


The Linux Open Source Sound Project (L.O.S.S.) aims to encourage and promote music created with open source software and the Linux operating system. The L.O.S.S. project consists of two main elements, a CD release and a website

for classical guitar and electronics

Synthèse – 35e Festival international des musiques et créations électroniques Bourges | CD-Rom | Imeb 2006 | Bourges / France


for electroacoustic sounds

3rd Sonic Arts and Technologies Forum | CD-Rom | AFP#4, 2006 | Thessaloniki, Greece


CD-Rom with Audio tracks and texts reflecting the program of the Sonic Arts & Technologies Forum 2006.

for electroacoustic sounds

9th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Science society & sustainability, DVD |2006 | Athens / Greece

http://laertis.chemeng.ntua.gr/santorini/main.php news&news_item=1

The mission of the International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation (ICTPI) series is to bring together leading representatives of academic, business, government and other relevant sectors worldwide to present, discuss and assess current and future issues of critical importance for the use of science and technology to foster socio-economic and shared prosperity at home and abroad.

Shatter Cone
for violin and electronics

Sound Maker – Music Technology Magazine | CD-Rom | September 2005, Volume 29 | Athens / Greece


Anechoic Spin
for electroacoustic sounds

Confluencias – III Electroacoustic Miniatures International Contest | CDN 309, 2005 | Huelva / Spain


for electroacoustic sounds

Cache 2003 CA+UK | CEC-PeP 008, 2003 | Quebec / Canada. 


for electroacoustic sounds

 Electroacoustic Music Vol I & II – Portuguese Composers, Música Viva Competition Miso Records | MCD 013/014.04, 2004 | Lisbon / Portugal


for electroacoustic sounds

ICMC2004 – International Computer Music Conference 2004, DVD | CD 2004 | Miami, Florida / USA.


Red Tail
sound design

The Last Signal – Independent Opposition Records | #MFLS06, 2004 | California / USA


The Last Signal is an international compilation of sonic explorations centered around creative interpretations of what the end of the world might sound like. The CD features more than 35 tracks from creative musicians and sound designers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This unique experiment blurs the boundaries of music and noise with a variety of conceptual and stylistic approaches.

for electroacoustic sounds

 Sounds Recorded for an Empty Nightclub – Limited CD Edition by Host Artists Group | HAGCD 001/002 | Sheffield / UK


A working nightclub uses sound and light to construct a dynamic or vibrant atmosphere. The night club becomes a very different experience when the house lights are raised. For ART SHEFFIELD 03 Host artists group have invited over 30 artists to produce sound pieces for the alien environment of a Sheffield nightclub in the daytime with the main house lights switched on. The selected works will be archived as a limited edition CD and made available for purchase.

for string quartet

The Classical Archives – Jurgenson International Competition for Young Composers 2003 | Last modified on Thursday, 12-Oct-2006 00:09:45 PDT | Moscho / Russia


With the help of the Open Society Institute, an initiative of the Soros Foundation, the P.Jurgenson Charity Foundation has also created the “Electronic Notnitza” – the world’s first CD music library. This disk contains some 6,500 pages of music, including 750 compositions by more than 150 composers. The Foundation is also involved in “Young Musicians for Disabled Children,” a municipal charity program which has already given twenty concerts for more than a thousand under privileged children in Moscow.

for electroacoustic sounds

RAM Magazine | DPH DOL RAM-CD-Rom2-163, 11/2002 | Athens / Greece. 


Winning works of the first computer music composition competition organized my Educational Institute AKMH and the RAM Computers Magazine in Athens/ Greece.

for electroacoustic sounds

 Musica Nova 2001 – Society for Electro-acoustic Music | CD-Rom | 2001 | Prague / Czech Republic.


CD-R with the music of the finalists of the 2001 International Competition of Electro-Acoustic Music “Musica nova” in Prague.

En Red O Sound Thing
sound design

Orchestra del Caos | Centre Culutra Contemporania de Barcelona | CD-Rom | 2001 | Barcelona / Spain.


En Red O is a conference to reflect on new electronic sounds. The results of this conference has been compiled on an interactive audio CD-ROM, which will reflect theoretic contributions, information about all participants and a selection of at least 100 sounds among received entries. The visual interface will be implemented by artist Kepa Landa.

for electroacoustic sounds

Audio Magazine | CD-31, 4/1997 | Athens / Greece | Info: Motor Press Hellas AE, Fax: +30 210 8030445

Featured composer of the month at the Audio Magazine specialized on Audio Hi-Fi technology and Disc reviews.

see interview (in Greek)